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Screen Maker Launches Free Web App to Capture Seamless Screenshots

Belize City, Belize, (September 24, 2016) - Toucan Software Development Group Ltd is proud to announce the launch of a new Web App which will help you to capture, edit and share screenshots easily and quickly. The app’s name is Screen Maker, which can be downloaded for absolutely free from

Many people who work, study or simply invest energy online need a chance to make a photo of a screen, sort some content or check some part on it and afterward send it to a friend or colleague, or embed to a presentation or simply save on PC. Nevertheless, doing all the above errand appears to be entirely unthinkable in the meantime. To ease up this issue, Screen Maker will let you have the tool, which will give you control to do all of these in one single window!

The Screen Maker is a program, packed with various effective features, including:

Making a screenshot:

•    of the whole screen
•    of a single window
•    of any area on your screen


•    adding text
•    marking areas on a screenshot with rectangular, lines or your own shapes in different colors


•    To the cloud. You’ll be given a link which you can easily send to anybody
•    on your PC
•    in the clipboard and then inserting it to any document
•    physically by printing

This web screen maker is built upon Toucan Software’s commitment to offer all the above mentioned features in one window, eliminating the need to switch between a screenshot window and a photo editor, upload picture to some file sharing platform, etc.

For more information, please visit

Email –
Phone – + 7-981-999-68-06
Company name - Toucan Software Development Group Limited Registered No. 159,680
Company address - P.O. Box 2140, Suite 101, 1885 Driftwood Bay, Belize City, Belize


Post by devadhikary (2016-10-05 05:45)

Tags: screen maker

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