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Mavwealth Launched as the World’s First Reverse Auction Website Exclusively for E-Currency

London, UK – (August 30, 2016) - The main aim of the company is to combine a very innovative game to increase your wealth and achieve financial freedom. The company introduces to you the world’s first and most exceptional concept – Online reverse auction for E-currency. The ultimate goal is to assist users to go beyond the regular online auctions and make more wealth with their investment.

The world of investing can be hard. The ideas that succeed on the long run are those which look to be simple yet are powerful with tons of insight. With MavWealth you can exchange e-currencies like Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Payeer, PayPal, SolidTrust Pay, Payza, OKPAY, Neteller etc.

Peter Scott, CEO of Mav Wealth Limited said, “We’re different from the traditional and conventional online auction systems. We provide to you an investment plan with a very positive twist! Combining the two highest performing trendsetting pieces of the virtual world – Ecurrency and online reverse auction, MavWealth provides you with the REVERSE AUCTION solely for ECURRENCY.”

The champions of MavWealth assures the earning methods are truly solid and invite you to become a part of the MavWealth family, experience it for yourself. MavWealth provides you with 4 options to earn more,

1.    Bid wins
2.    Daily Cashback
3.    Direct Income
4.    Binary Income

Also to get you on track risk free, MavWealth says – “Sign up with Social login and earn 10 free bid points to start your journey.”

MavWealth assures secured transaction by having Comodo Secure and Trust Guard certifications, dependability, wide variety of payment options with PCI commpliance and round the clock assistance, which certainly makes it outstanding.

With our multiple packages we make it simpler for you to get started and grow your wealth. Log on to for more information.

About MavWealth
A passionate team of experts from both financial and technology domain, we believe currency transaction and trading can be taken to newer heights to provide greater convenience to all. Our purpose is to support you to achieve your greater financial goals and grow globally with help of member agents across the globe.

We are always looking for ways and means to expand the possibilities to increase wealth creation for you through a robust platform. The idea is to assist you to get your financial freedom in life by take advantage of our services. The current model provides a fair chance for all bidders. Place the lowest and most unique bid. Every player has multiple options to bid on thus increasing the possibility of winning. Our excitement and enthusiasm comes from our customer’s joy, hence we are always working to create new and innovative solutions.

Phone: +447441912666 |  


Post by devadhikary (2016-08-30 16:30)

Tags: Online Bidding Website

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