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Luma Optics Aims To Fulfil the Growing Demand of Bandwidth

The importance and utility of internet in today’s world has reached such a level that without internet access one feels detached from the society. Needless to say that in such a scenario, bandwidth demand is also increasing at a rapid pace. In the bid to meet the increasing demand of bandwidth, Luma Optics has come up with some world class solutions. Owned by Eric Litvin, Luma Optics has mastered the technique of using the next generation of optical module.

Over the years, this company has been successful in achieving it objective of fulfilling the ever growing demand of bandwidth by using cloud-based technologies along with enabling diagnostic monitoring, configuration, inventory management and support. This innovation driven company has been tasting success since its inception.

The credit of the company’s success, undoubtedly, is the result of the team’s dedication and hard work which comprises of highly trained, skilled and experienced professions. In the field of data communication and telecommunication applications, the short form-factor pluggable (SFP), manufactured by this company, has proved to be highly effective. In the bid to support several communication standards, which include SONET, Gigabyte Ethernet, and fibre channel this SFP has been deigned.

Since Eric Litvin's company aims to sustain its spotless reputation and goodwill in the market, the team here puts customer satisfaction at the top of the priority list. Praising the impeccable service that this company caters, one of the spokespersons said, “I'm thoroughly impressed with the optical engineering team at LumaOptics. Based on their troubleshooting expertise, we found some attenuation unrelated to the optical module on the circuit that we were attempting to make this connection across. Thanks again for a job well done. Your product knowledge and support are unmatched.”

Apart from these, what adds another feature to the hat of this company is the fact that they charge a very reasonable price for their products.

About Luma Optics
Luma Optics is a company which is dedicated to meet the growing bandwidth demand with the products they manufacture.

To know more, please visit

125 South Main Street
Suite: 108    
Sebastopol, CA 95472    
Phone: 866-435-6730


Post by devadhikary (2016-10-06 02:57)

Tags: Eric Litvin

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