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Luma Optics Aims To Fulfil the Growing Demand of Bandwidth

The importance and utility of internet in today’s world has reached such a level that without internet access one feels detached from the society. Needless to say that in such a scenario, bandwidth demand is also increasing at a rapid pace. In the bid to meet the increasing demand of bandwidth, Luma Optics has come up with some world class solutions. Owned by Eric Litvin, Luma Optics has mastered the technique of using the next generation of optical module.

Over the years, this company has been successful in achieving it objective of fulfilling the ever growing demand of bandwidth by using cloud-based technologies along with enabling diagnostic monitoring, configuration, inventory management and support. This innovation driven company has been tasting success since its inception.

The credit of the company’s success, undoubtedly, is the result of the team’s dedication and hard work which comprises of highly trained, skilled and experienced professions. In the field of data communication and telecommunication applications, the short form-factor pluggable (SFP), manufactured by this company, has proved to be highly effective. In the bid to support several communication standards, which include SONET, Gigabyte Ethernet, and fibre channel this SFP has been deigned.

Since Eric Litvin's company aims to sustain its spotless reputation and goodwill in the market, the team here puts customer satisfaction at the top of the priority list. Praising the impeccable service that this company caters, one of the spokespersons said, “I'm thoroughly impressed with the optical engineering team at LumaOptics. Based on their troubleshooting expertise, we found some attenuation unrelated to the optical module on the circuit that we were attempting to make this connection across. Thanks again for a job well done. Your product knowledge and support are unmatched.”

Apart from these, what adds another feature to the hat of this company is the fact that they charge a very reasonable price for their products.

About Luma Optics
Luma Optics is a company which is dedicated to meet the growing bandwidth demand with the products they manufacture.

To know more, please visit

125 South Main Street
Suite: 108    
Sebastopol, CA 95472    
Phone: 866-435-6730


Post by devadhikary (2016-10-06 02:57)

Tags: Eric Litvin

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Finding the Best Products & Services for Engaged Facebook Communities Is Easier Now With Fandezvous

With the emergence of new media, representation has become everything and it is indeed an important determinant of the success of companies like e-commerce store or online stores of any kind. While the Facebook has become an inevitable segment of any business, it has been perturbing for many companies to stay ahead of their competitors at least in the arena of Facebook. But that is where the key to success lies. In a bid to put an end to all such problems, Fandezvous has taken the initiative to offer selected products and services for the purpose of helping engaged Facebook communities at the most competitive rates in the market. Unraveling the rejuvenating avenue for a community to reach its target audience with something even better than the visually compelling commercials, they strive to make the client’s brand visible as well as to design immortal brand loyalty.

Having been recognized for their story-telling method, Fandezvous Media is designed to take the audience on a journey which is not only of significant importance on the line of cultural values but also unravels the opportunity to create an ever-lasting appeal. Combining the unsurpassed quality craftsmanship and the finest quality materials, they reveal the best opportunity for a Facebook community to reach the crescendo of success. With more than hundreds of satisfied clients, the company has become the first choice for many and pursues to grow in a healthy manner every single day.

While significant contributions are made by several trolls as well as competitors to bring down a brand, Fandezvous Customer Service is dedicated to help one build a strong wall that is adept enough at stopping anything that might hurt the brand value. Helping one to build a sustainable reputation online for his or her brand, Fandezvous emerges as the best in the market.

About Fandezvous:
Fandezvous is the most reputed company that offers the finest quality products and services for engaged Facebook communities.

For more information, please visit


Post by devadhikary (2016-10-06 02:28)

Tags: Fandezvous Media

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Screen Maker Launches Free Web App to Capture Seamless Screenshots

Belize City, Belize, (September 24, 2016) - Toucan Software Development Group Ltd is proud to announce the launch of a new Web App which will help you to capture, edit and share screenshots easily and quickly. The app’s name is Screen Maker, which can be downloaded for absolutely free from

Many people who work, study or simply invest energy online need a chance to make a photo of a screen, sort some content or check some part on it and afterward send it to a friend or colleague, or embed to a presentation or simply save on PC. Nevertheless, doing all the above errand appears to be entirely unthinkable in the meantime. To ease up this issue, Screen Maker will let you have the tool, which will give you control to do all of these in one single window!

The Screen Maker is a program, packed with various effective features, including:

Making a screenshot:

•    of the whole screen
•    of a single window
•    of any area on your screen


•    adding text
•    marking areas on a screenshot with rectangular, lines or your own shapes in different colors


•    To the cloud. You’ll be given a link which you can easily send to anybody
•    on your PC
•    in the clipboard and then inserting it to any document
•    physically by printing

This web screen maker is built upon Toucan Software’s commitment to offer all the above mentioned features in one window, eliminating the need to switch between a screenshot window and a photo editor, upload picture to some file sharing platform, etc.

For more information, please visit

Email –
Phone – + 7-981-999-68-06
Company name - Toucan Software Development Group Limited Registered No. 159,680
Company address - P.O. Box 2140, Suite 101, 1885 Driftwood Bay, Belize City, Belize


Post by devadhikary (2016-10-05 05:45)

Tags: screen maker

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J&C Garage Doors Is Providing Professional Garage Door Repair Service

WESTCHESTER COUNTY, NEW YORK (October 04, 2016) – J&C Garage Doors is a reputed garage door repair company based in Port Chester offering garage door repairs, installation, and maintenance service throughout Westchester County, New York. J&C Garage Doors provides service for both residential and commercial garage doors and from fixing, replacing garage spring to installing new garage door openers they do it all. Besides these, the company also specializes in all types of gates repair and maintenance in Westchester, be it a rolling gate or a swinging gate. J&C Garage Doors has a team of adept and experienced technicians who are well trained in repairs and installation of garage doors and gates and provides same day service. The technicians can repair garage doors of all leading brands like Clopay, Amarr, Wayne Dalton, etc. and install garage openers of brands like Genie, Liftmaster, and others.

The main service area of J&C Garage Doors is Westchester County and they have group of technicians from all over this region but if called upon the technicians can also provide garage door service outside of Westchester as well, in areas like Brooklyn, Greenwich, Stamford, etc. J&C Garage Doors has thousands of satisfied customers and through word-of-mouth their name has reached in places outside Westchester County from where they often receive calls and when help required even from outside Westchester they never say no to their customers. To help people in fix their garage doors or gates even if it is well past over their operating hours, J&C Garage Doors offer 24/7 emergency repair service for garage doors and gates.

People can get in touch with J&C Garage Doors for all their garage doors and gates repair concerns and queries for a free phone consultation with them. All relevant information related to J&C Garage Doors and their service can be found on their official well-dedicated website, the link for which is

J&C Garage Doors is a reliable garage door repair company based in Port Chester providing professional repair and installation service for garage doors and gates throughout Westchester County, New York. J&C Garage Doors has a team of well trained and experienced technicians who are adept in fixing, installing, and maintaining garage doors of all leading brands and gates of all types, be it rolling gate or swinging gate.

Company Name: J&C Garage Doors and Gates
Phone: 914-364-6700
Address: Westchester County, New York


Post by devadhikary (2016-10-05 02:41)

Tags: garage door repair

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Istikharaking Aims To Cater the Best Istikhara Service

Nowadays, istikhara services are being provided by several websites which are generally known as online istikhara services. As in any sector in today’s world, several frauds are associated with online istikhara service. Apart from misleading people they do nothing as they simply have no knowledge of what istikhara is all about. Istikhra is a holy Islamic practice which deals with providing one with true guidance of life in the light of the sayings of the holy Quran and the preaching of Prophet Muhammad.

If one want to get which can truly prove to be fruitful then, one’s ultimate destination is The guidance that one will be provided by this istikhara website will undoubtedly help one to understand the true essence of life and, in turn, will help one to make decisions and choices that will ensure one’s success. Unlike other online istikhra service, here one will not be catered with future prediction as those who make future predictions in the name of providing istikhara service are complete frauds. In this context, it is important to keep in mind that Huzrat Muhammad had said that those who have lost believe and faith in Allah, go to and believe in the predictions made fortune-tellers.

Along with these, istikharaking does not charge a penny for providing this holy service. Here you is guaranteed to be personally attended by high quality istikhara providers who assistance will help one to get Allah’s guidance in terms of answering your queries. The honest and genuine istikhara service providers here will never claim to have jinns. They will never emotionally harass you or aks you to provide your picture or your mother’s name.

Apart from Saudi Arabia, istikharaking provides their free service in several countries like Arab Emirates, Australia United Kingdom and United States.  
About is a website that caters high quality istikkhara service for free.

To know more please visit



Post by devadhikary (2016-10-04 04:38)

Tags: online istikhara

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World Class Wazifas Available At Wazaifonline.Com

It remains an unchallenged fact that in Pakistan and India, more and more people are banking on black magic in the bid to fitful their desires. In today’s world, one confronts endless problems and in the bid to get rid of them they are choosing Satanism over others. As more and more people are starting to believe in black magic, the amount of people of fake people who are associated with this is also growing at an alarming rate. These frauds have no knowledge about black magic and they only snatch one’s money as they ca never provide one with proper solutions. In the bid to get proper advices related to black magic one can undoubtedly trust on

At you are assured to get high quality advices related to kala jadu which will surely help you to achieve your objective and eradicate all the troubles that comes in your way. One will surely get top class solutions which will prove extremely effective to eradicate one’s trouble forever. Along with providing essential wazifa for child problem and wealth, one will also get catered with several other top notch wazifas.

In today’s world, a successful person surely has many people around him or her who are jealous of the success that the person has achieved through his hard work and dedication. Jealousy leads to enmity. One’s enemies will also try to hurt one’s interests in the worst possible way. At one will be catered with killer wazifa for enemy extermination.

To add to theses, at one will also be provided with the best wazifa for marriage. This website boasts of having the biggest collection of wazifas that can cure almost every problem of one’s. Here one will get all the world class wazifas for free.

About is a website that caters highly effective wazifas.

To know more, please visit


Post by devadhikary (2016-10-04 03:58)

Tags: kala jadu

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Calgarysportsmedicine.Com Is Providing Effective and Safe Sports Injury Treatment

Calgary, Alberta (October 03, 2016) -  The Calgary sports medicine services from Dr. Joanny Liu fetch the best Chinese medicine Calgary to treat the Concussion problems. This therapy hails its basis to the Calgary Chinese medicine and it offers a root-cause and permanent solution to arrays of ailments.

Medical research has established the fact that the suffering from ailments intensifies as the patient forms a notion that the recovery will be impossible. This is where the peril of concussion catch holds of their health and well-being. With that said, what the patients need is a remedy to the concussion problems. The Calgary Concussion therapy from Dr. Joanny Liu fetches the most effective and safe remedies for the mass. Her Calgary Concussion Treatment has healed thousands of patients till date and hence, her Concussion Treatment Calgary enjoys the trust and reliance of the mass.

Dr. Liu offers highly effective and safe sports medicine Calgary services that benefit the sportsmen. Injuries pursued in the course of the sporting events are obvious professional hazards for the professional sportsmen. However, these injuries often compel them to seek untimely retirement from the professional circuit. Dr. Liu is offering delightful Sports Injury Calgary treatment that enables the professional sportsmen to recover from the sports injuries and prolong their professional career.

Dr. Liu is a qualified, certified and registered professional and she holds an impressive professional track record. Hence, she deserves the trust and respect of the patients.

“Our objective is to extend the most effective and the safest Concussion treatment at the most competitive rates. We have got an impressive track record in instances of extending the sports injury treatments as well. Our treatment methodology involves natural products and hence, patients can stay assured of the effectiveness and the safety of the treatment methodology”, stated the spokesperson.

About is a clinic, offering the best grade concussion treatment and sports medicine to the people in and around Calgary.

For more information, please visit

Media Contact:
71 Edgepark Way NW Calgary,
Alberta T3A 4H2
Phone: 1 888 418 2799


Post by devadhikary (2016-10-04 03:07)

Tags: Calgary sports medicine

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Moonshine Stills, a Leading Producer Of Well Designed Distillery Items That Allows In Producing Moonshine Beverages

Manchester, New Hampshire, (October 01, 2016) - Distilling moonshine liquors at home is a very popular activity in many parts of USA. Not only it lets an individual develop his or her own liquor but it also enables the person to customize its taste according to individual preferences. However, in order to come up with the best quality blends and brews, it is necessary to only make use of the best quality moonshine stills. A leading manufacturer and supplier of moonshine distillery products, Moonshine Stills is known for offering top quality products to ensure the very best specimens of liquor. With the homemade stills developed by Moonshine Stills, anyone can produce rich quality moonshine alcoholic beverages from the comfort of their own homes.     

Moonshine Stills has been functioning as a leading designer and developer of copper moonshine distillery products for many years. Their products are used regularly by customers in different parts of continental USA. Over the years, they have perfected the art of developing distillery stills and now they make moonshine still that is known for their superior design and quality. Most people looking to find bourbon still for sale prefer to buy their products from Moonshine Stills due to the flawless design and efficiency that they guarantee. It is therefore not a surprise that their pot still products are reviewed so highly within the distillery stills industry.

About Moonshine Stills
Moonshine Stills is one of the most reputed and well known designers and producers of superior quality moonshine distillery equipments that are used for making different types of moonshine alcohol products. The well designed equipments that are produced by Moonshine Stills can be easily used at home for brewing a wide range of fine moonshine beverages.  
To know more, please click


Post by devadhikary (2016-10-03 12:40)

Tags: pot still

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Moonshine Stills Maintains Its Position of Being the Largest Manufacturer of Premium Blend Copper Moonshine Stills

Manchester, New Hampshire, (October 01, 2016) - Gifting copper stills and distilling stills today has become popular in America. Be a gesture of a high-end lifestyle or gifting someone that loves to make their own Scotch, Whiskey or Vodka Moonshine Stills are becoming famous. And a leading name in this arena is Moonshine Stills that has gained its reputation of being the biggest manufacturer of high-end and premium quality personal copper Moonshine stills at a cost-effective price package. The brand takes pride in offering its clients stills that are manufactured keeping in mind a wide range as well as caters to exquisite aesthetics those results in maximum consumer delight.

For customers and potential buyers that wonder “how to make stills” can have a look at the videos showcased by the company for an in-depth idea on the subject. Here the customers will know that how the each moonshine stills for sale is manufactured with extensive efforts paying attention to the intricate details. It’s the Appalachian Artisans that hand-craft these stills making use of their skills and know-how that they inherited from generations. So what the customers get to enjoy is a fine piece of traditional still that is made robust, pleasant looking offering longevity.

Moonshine Stills has come up with a wide range of copper stills such as the Beautiful 6 Gallon Copper Moonshine Still, Brilliant 6 Gallon FlameFlow Technology Copper Moonshine Still, and the exclusive Compact 10 Gallon High Quality Copper Moonshine Still Kit that is made available for the customers at an affordable price range.

About Moonshine Stills
The Moonshine Stills is known for offering compact Moonshine Still Kits that are finished products by itself and completely ready to be used from the moment the customer receives the same. The company ensures that there isn’t any need for any other installation work. In addition to, Moonshine Stills makes use of only the best quality materials and parts to manufacture the same and offers lifetime warranty on all goods.

For more, information, please visit


Post by devadhikary (2016-10-03 11:59)

Tags: how to make stills

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Moonshine Stills Presents Top Notch Distillery Equipments in Manchester, New Hampshire

Manchester, New Hampshire, (October 01, 2016) - Numerous people in the continental USA simply love to make their very own high-proof distilled spirits and for that there is always a great demand for moonshine distilling stills. Moonshine Stills is a highly reputed designer, manufacturer and supplier of top grade home distillery products. Offering a range of spirit stills for sale, the products developed by Moonshine Stills are regularly used by customers living in various parts of USA for the purpose of distilling various types of alcoholic beverages such as white lightening, vodka and whiskey. Being a leading manufacturer of copper still products, they regularly produce 10 gallon still for sale that are used by customers with varying requirements of producing moonshine liquors.
Based in the Manchester region of New Hampshire, Moonshine Stills is a long term operator within the industry of distillery stills manufacturing. Using high grade sheets of copper which are then crafted to perfection for creating the best stills, Moonshine Stills can provide with its characteristic guarantee that each of its products can help in producing the finest quality of moonshine liquor. Their reflux still plans and other similar products have been widely reviewed as some of the best in the industry. Their products are also now available as eBay moonshine stills which make it easier for the customers to purchase their products and make finest moonshine liquor at the comfort of their own homes. It is the sheer level of quality and perfectionism associated with Moonshine Stills for which people always love to use their products.

About Moonshine Stills
Moonshine Stills is a highly reputed designer, manufacturer and supplier of fine quality moonshine alcohol distillery equipments. The products manufactured by them can be used easily at home to produce various types of superior quality moonshine alcoholic beverages.    
For additional information, please visit  


Post by devadhikary (2016-10-03 10:55)

Tags: distilling stills

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